Microsoft – how to access

Stephen C. Carlson kindly drew my attention to this blog post  at the Amsterdam NT Blog which explains why none of us can see anything on the much vaunted Microsoft rival to Google books.  Apparently only people whose browser language is set to ‘eng-us’ can see anything.   I customised my copy of Firefox to do this, and searched for ‘tertullian’ and, after a bit of a lag, voila!  Suddenly material appears.  The first item is the Dalrymple 1790 version of Tertullian Ad Scapulam.  There is a link to download the whole volume as a PDF (thankfully).

I’ve not explored this much but I would like to signal the availability of this material to non-Americans, not least since material gathered and paid for by the British taxpayer is being used to populate it courtesy of the British Library.


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