Journal Asiatique now online

It seems that all the volumes of the Journal Asiatique are now online at the Bibliotheque Nationale Gallica site, at this link here.  The journal contains many publications of interest to Syriac people, both text and translations.

I also have found a list of all the volumes of the Patrologia Orientalis available for download at the same site here.


6 thoughts on “Journal Asiatique now online

  1. I catalogued Journal Asiatique in Abzu a couple of years ago. Your are welcome to take the RSS feed from Abzu if you wish to see the materials that appear there.

  2. Help please
    I am trying to track down an article by Paul Levy from 1970 “Thala Borivat ou Stung Treng: sites de la capital….”
    Thank you,

  3. I would like to know how I can receive a copy of an Article
    in Asiatique Journal that was published in the 1970’s about barrial site of Persian Princes in China?
    I do not know what year and which issue
    Are they available in English?
    Appreciate a response and advise

  4. Seeking copy of Renou, Louis. Quelque termes du Rgveda, d. yoga. Journal Asiatique, v.240-241 1952-153. pp177-180

    Thank you for your help.

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