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  1. Sir,

    Documenta Catholica Omnia is a multilanguage e-book database dealing with all authors and relevant full texts that are pertinent to the catholic doctrine.
    We actually provide 16,824 files. Of these, 5421 hold 22,733 documents of the Popes, whereas the other 11,403 pertains to authors directly or indirectly linked to catholic doctrine.
    As far as the Migne is concerned, we are presently working to publish the whole texts of both Latin and Greek Patristic as full texts for free, since we work ad majorem Dei glorim.
    Moreover, in almost always, the texts are given in several translations, and we actually cover twentyone different languages.
    Notice, please, that Migne’s texts are often reported with other and more recent versions and editions.
    Last but not the least, on request one can access our privat e-books library, that hold about 1,7 million files, for a total amount of 1.7 TBytes.
    Finally, notice please that we provide texts of Patrologia Latina always with a concordance index. Within few time, concordances, seu lexica propria, will be available for the opera omnia of all authors that Migne report. An example can be seen at the following address: http://www.concordanze.eu.
    As far as http://patrologia.ct.aegean.gr/PG_Migne/ is concerned, we know very well such a site, and we appreciate its contents, that are made with an expecially care.

    Thank You
    Giuseppe Sandro
    The co-ordinator
    Veritatis Societas

  2. Giuseppe, this is excellent news and I wish all the best to your efforts! If you can get all of the Latin online, that alone would be of great value to everyone; likewise anything of the Greek. Material about popes and councils is also of enormous value, and very little is available online. The Abbe Migne would be pleased with your effort. God bless you.

  3. Dear friends
    The patrologia.ct.aegean.gr site of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean (www.aegean.gr/culturaltec) is an effort to provide a free searchable polytonic text of the Greek fathers.

    We will welcome links and coordination with similar free Latin and Syriac Patrologies.

    For the moment we concentrate our efforts to create a ‘mirror’ free site in another place and server and to complete the Greek Patrology.

    A major issue is that there is no fiable program to digitalize Greek politonic texts, and this prevents us to use all Ancient and Modern Greek bibliography before 1967 !!!

    All efforts to get all the Greek and Latin online should join and try to coordinate efforts. Obviously some sponsoring and financing is necessary.

    God bless all of you

    Prof. Emer. Nicolas Vernicos
    University of the Aegean
    Department of Cultural Technology and Communication
    Cultural Heritage Management Laboratory

  4. I am delighted to hear about your programme, which is excellent news. A free source of the PG is urgently needed. Will you include the Latin translation and notes as well?

    I know that Anagnostis is supposed to handle Greek polytonic OCR, albeit at a huge price. Does this not work well enough, then?

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