Some online Latin mss from Denmark (Haunienses)

By chance I stumbled on some online images from medieval Latin mss, often of classical or patristic authors: – Intro – the Mss; Cicero, Isidore, Justin, Livy, Lucan, Lucretius, Macrobius, Ovid, Plutarch, Priscian, Publilius Syrus, Sallust, Seneca, Solinus, Terence, Virgil. – Intro to fragments – Fragments; Ambrose, Augustine, Bede, (Ps.)Hegesippus, Isidore, Jerome, Livy, Quintus Curtius, Seneca, Terence. – and some more mss from other collections; Isidore, Ptolemy, Solinus, and many of the same again.


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