Eusebius translation: progress 4

No more bits have arrived. I spent last week discussing issues with Mr. A, the translator of the Greek. He is a bit prone to switch the order of the clauses in a sentence without obvious need, and this needed to be addressed.

One interesting thing: in order that we could discuss chunk 6, he produced a very literal version with words in the same order as the Greek. This was very helpful, and a good technique to allow the editor to assess the translation level. We then went through it and discussed how the translation should be, with me generally pulling in the direction of greater literalness. It was interesting to see how one sentence had little meaning unless paraphrased. Another displayed signs of the epitomator at work; two ideas compressed into one sentence.

I’ve been paying Mr. A by cheque for each chunk, and collecting receipts. The joys of paperwork!

I’m beginning to worry about the lack of response from Mr. C, my Syriac translator. He did one chunk, one transcription, and I’ve heard no more. Dr E, to whom I sent these for review almost a fortnight ago, has not responded either. I shall have to nag them, and, if necessary, readvertise.

Just managing the project is quite wearying in some ways. You would think that if you drop money in, that a translation would pop out. ‘Tis not so…


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