Eusebius “Quaestiones” progress 9

Over the last couple of weeks translations of the Greek text of Q12 and Q13 have arrived from Mr. A.  In the process he points out that the first edition by Mai of Q13 contains rather less text than the second edition, and queries whether we need a proper text.  Of course we do.

I’ve heard nothing from Mr. C (the Syriac translator) for ages, and have started enquiring again about someone else to help out.  It is curious how difficult it is to find people to translate from Syriac.  It is a simple language, when all is said and done.

PS: 10th April.  Mr. A. has now completed QSt14 as well.  Only two more ‘questions’ to Stephanus to do; then it’s onto the 4 questions to Marinus, and then the fragments of the complete text from catenae.

PS: 15th April.  Mr. A. has now completed QSt15, a goodly chunk.  In addition I wrote to Dr. E, my Syriac checker, and it looks as if I’ll get another Syriac translator, with E. checking their work.  So good news.


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