A curious problem with discussing Islam online

The number of threats to freedom of speech online seems to increase daily; far more than I can reasonably blog about here, on a blog dedicated to patristics and manuscript studies.  So I try to discuss only really important stuff.  By chance I came across this post, which contained the following statement:

My video IS classified as hate speech. At least, that’s what thousands of Muslims said whilst flooding YouTube with constant “flagging.” In case you haven’t yet heard, there are actual online Muslim networks that exist solely for this purpose. The minute anything even remotely critical of Islam pops up online, thousands of members are notified and are commanded to flag, spam and utilize comment suppression techniques that ultimately result in the video’s removal and permanent banning of the user. The frightening part is that their “Denial of Service” tactics are devastatingly effective, extremely covert and easily mobilized.

Is this right?  Is all online discussion of Islam taking place under an unreported threat of this kind of intimidation?