A little too much jargon, Yared

A conference notice tells us that this paper will be given:

Deacon Andualem Dagmawi, University of St. Michael’s College:
The Reception of St. Ephrem’s Apophaticism in the Hymnography of St. Yared the Ethiopian 

Erm, you what?  Who?

I know who Ephrem the Syrian is — 4th century very important Syriac writer, big on hymns and poems, who wrote one against Julian the Apostate. 

But I have no idea what “apophaticism” might be.  I have never heard of St. Yared the Ethiopian.  If I don’t — and I consume patrologies as light reading — I can’t imagine who does.


3 Responses to “A little too much jargon, Yared”

  1. Nick Norelli

    I’m familiar with apophaticism (i.e., negative theology) but I’ve not heard of Yared the Ethiopian. If you happen to hear this paper presented make sure to let us know who he is.

  2. Suraj Iype

    St Yared is the Ethiopian liturgical composer and musician.
    Here is an icon of the saint

    Apophaticism is the so called via negativa or the “silent way” of the Orthodox theology. St Dionysius the Aeropagite is venerated as its proponent.


  3. Roger Pearse

    Many thanks! I did wonder.