Still scanning Michael the Syrian part 3

And boy is it hard work!  Just lifting and turning the heavy volume itself is tiring.  Just scanned p. 165.  I find that I have to play games with myself, to avoid giving up.  So at the moment I’m saying, “only a couple more to 170; you can pause there.”  When I get to 170, of course I have 171 open.  So I tend to just scan the extra page — just turn the book and lower it on the scanner.  Then, “well, may as well do a couple more.”  And so on.

We tend to take for granted how all those books on Google and got scanned.  But it was hard, slow, back-breaking work.  When we grumble about missing pages, perhaps we should think of some low-paid person, very tired.

P. 173 done.  Maybe I’ll just do as far as 180…

UPDATE.  p.269.  Wonder if I can get to 300 tonight?

UPDATE2. p.361.  But I’m missing One Tree Hill!  Still, when the pages are turning and the pain-level is low, you have to keep rolling.

8 Responses to “Still scanning Michael the Syrian part 3”

  1. Dioscorus Boles

    Just remember that you are doing a great service to the cause of human knowledge.

  2. Roger Pearse

    Thank you for the kind words! Given up for the night now. I’ll resume tomorrow.

  3. Robert Bedrosian

    One diversion I use when scanning is to listen to Audiobooks (human read). Project Gutenberg has a fine collection:

    I usually download a particular work, such as Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and listen locally.

    To do that, click on where it says “base directory” and retrieve the files from there.

  4. Roger Pearse

    It’s a nice idea, and doesn’t involve the hands. I’ve spent the evening reading blogs, in between turning the book, and it passed pleasantly and quickly.

  5. Robert Bedrosian


    A big accelerator to the scanning process–for me at any rate–are some scripts I wrote to automate various aspects of it, especially mouse clicks. Your countryman, Jon Bennet, created a wonderful Basic-like software called AutoIt and gave it away to the public. It has since become hugely popular for automation tasks especially.

    I worked 20+ years as a computer programmer, but I think anyone could learn AutoIt in a day or two. It comes with examples, and a terrific helpfile. There is also a remarkable forum.

    You can download the product at:

  6. Roger Pearse

    Thanks for the tip – I may look into this. What I need most is some way to automate lifting and turning the book!

  7. Maureen

    Maybe it would be easier to lift the scanner, and let the book just lay there. 🙂

  8. Roger Pearse

    The solution is to employ some beautiful young ladies to do it for me — if I had enough money to afford them!