Roman calendars online

I know that we have Roman calendars incised into monuments.  Does anyone know if we have any online?

4 Responses to “Roman calendars online”

  1. Bill Thayer

    FWIW, I don’t know; once upon a time, that would have been synonymous with “No, we don’t”, but now I don’t track things so much.

  2. Roger Pearse

    I’ve never been that good at keeping up with what is available, and of course the volume is exploding.

  3. Bill Thayer

    In my experience, the expansion of the Web peaked in about 2004-5, and in the fields I’m interested in, at least, the Web has actually been shrinking slightly since then, except for Google Books and limited-access electronic resources like JSTOR.

  4. Roger Pearse

    I don’t count limited access stuff. I suppose I was thinking of Google books and