TLG has a free improved LSJ and click-through to texts

Tom Schmidt writes:

The TLG added a new free section to their website which contains a updated and digital version of the LSJ a dictionary which supersedes the version available at the Perseus Project. It’s quite good and has all sorts of good hyperlinks for cited authors. I talk about it a bit on my blog.

Have a look at that article, which makes clear just how useful this is, even if you don’t have a TLG subscription.

3 Responses to “TLG has a free improved LSJ and click-through to texts”

  1. Ryan C

    Looks great! I can’t wait to use it. Although, I do find Perseus’ parsing tool helpful for those troublesome words.

  2. Roger Pearse

    Me too. It’s good news, I agree.

  3. Tom

    The TLG can parse words too, even at a higher rate of accuracy than Perseus, they also do Byzantine forms as well, but that feature, however, is not free.