Obtaining the catalogue of manuscripts of the Vlatadon monastery in Thessalonika

I have just placed an order for a photocopy of the catalogue of the manuscripts of the Vlatadon monastery in Thessalonika.  This is the place which had the unknown Galen manuscript, which recovered such treasures for us.  I’ve ordered it from the French National Library using their online (and unduly complex) form.  Here’s their catalogue entry:

Auteur(s) :  Eustratiadès, Sophronios
Titre(s) :  Katalogos tôn en tê Monê Blateôn (Tsaous-Monastêri) apokeimenôn kôdikôn [Texte imprimé] / Sôphronios Eustratiadês
Publication :  Thessalonkê : S Pantelê kai N Thenopôntu, 1918
Description matérielle :  1 vol. (136-VII p.) ; 26 cm

Veronique Boudon-Millot emails to say that it also appeared in a periodical, Γρεγόριος ὁ Παλαμᾶς, vol. 2 (1918), p. 97-107 ; 224-237 ; 274-283 ; 326-330 ; 386-404 ; 437-443 ; 473-475 ; 503-507 ; 708-717. and vol. 3 (1919), p. 29-45 ; 74-91 ; 137-150.

It was interesting using their form, because it showed you what it cost.  I first asked for digital images, sent by email.  They wanted 6,000 euros for that (!).  I then asked for photocopies and that was merely 34 euros.  So that’s what I ordered.

Let’s see if it works.

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