From my diary

I can’t read PDF’s on-screen, and so this evening I’m putting together another PDF to upload to Lulu, so I can get a printed form that I can hold in my hand.

But disaster!  Lulu will only do paperbacks up to around 740 pages, and this one is 1,000 exactly.

I suppose what it means is that I shall have to split it into two halves.  Not a bad thing, necessarily; but it feels a bit odd!

3 Responses to “From my diary”

  1. kate

    nothing about holidays?” messing about in boats…”,or “the open road,the dusty highway, the heath, the common the hedgerows, the rolling downs…here today,up and off tomorrow!” not even a visit to sites of ancient musings to tell of?

  2. Maureen

    Some say he was invented in 235, and ran on steam power from Alexandria’s lighthouse.

    Some say that if he ever took off his motorcycle helmet and suit, the light of his Moses horns would blind you.

    We just call him… the Rog.

  3. Krzysiek

    You should definitely buy an ebook, the best for reading pdf would be Amazon kindle DX, but even Kindle 3g will do.