Annoying copyright problem

I want to buy a download of Sister Hazel’s track Change your mind.  It’s a trivial amount.  It’s available for download on  But … it’s not available, as far as I can see, in the UK.  And US sites won’t sell downloads to people in the UK.

Anyone got any ideas?

8 Responses to “Annoying copyright problem”

  1. dale caldwell

    does this link work:

  2. Marcel

    Might you rent space on a server in the US and set it up as a proxy just for yourself? Though the monthly fee would surely make it uneconomical for the occasional download, it might also get you access to other resources.

  3. jo rosenblum

    Sister Hazel,
    nice, ( fun, and unexpected, keep the punters guessing.)
    Lyrics that relate to the difficulty of life in a reassuring way,

    looked on you tube but personally had trouble posting a link, nevermind…..
    Thanks for the heads up.

    If it’s permissable, on a more personal note, glad to hear you had a break, hope that
    stands you in good stead for what comes next…..
    looking forward to what you’ll do (or observe or whatever) next.

  4. Joshua

    You could attempt to use a US based VPN or Proxy Server to purchase the download, or you could check other vendors such as ITunes or Youtube to see if they will offer a download within your country.

    Unfortunately this often comes down to distribution rights within countries, and there may just be no licensing agreement in place for distributing that track within the UK.

  5. bulbul

    Have you tried alternative sites like or What about iTunes?

  6. bulbul


    a proxy won’t work, you also need a US credit card.

  7. Roger Pearse

    Yes, I already tried a proxy and had the expected problem. Somewhere that takes Paypal would work.

  8. Roger Pearse

    @Dale, it does – thanks. Still looking for a way to buy an MP3, tho.