Not quite what they had in mind

On a visit to the Cranmer blog this evening, I was confronted with a confusing piece of advertising:[1]

Now what does “Passionate about Ajax?” convey to your mind?

Is it this?

Or even this?

I fear that the IT recruitment company responsible might get some strange replies ….

  1. [1] Image edited to remove the name of the company responsible.

4 Responses to “Not quite what they had in mind”

  1. scot mcphee

    Asynchronous Javascript And Xml, a type of web programming model.

  2. Roger Pearse

    Yes, I know what Ajax is, in IT terms; I work in the industry. But sometimes you just have to step back.

    And why would anyone be “passionate” about a trick with javascript anyway?

  3. scot mcphee

    Oh I see, I didn’t realise you were IT industry like myself Roger!

    I don’t know why someone would be “passionate” about such things. I could see that you could be passionate about delivering great interfaces to users with web technologies (for which you’d be using an AJAX library like jQuery) but I guess its to get the keyword in. Most recruiters in my experience are a very expensive keyword-matching service!

  4. Roger Pearse

    Your experience is mine with recruiters, and my inbox each morning testifies to that.