From my diary

I’ve done some more editorial work on the Origen book today, and I’ve sent the book — which is really starting to assume a book-like form now — to the translator for his input.  I’ve been staring at the pages for the best part of the last three days, and I think I’ll award myself the rest of the day off! 

I’ve also received two more old books on religion in the Soviet Union by Michael Bourdeaux of Keston College.  I might see if I feel like passing one of these through the scanner.

It’s dull and grey here, although we had flickers of sun at lunchtime.  It’s hard to wake properly, I find.  On a whim I went down to Pin Mill and had lunch in the Butt and Oyster pub.  I sat in the room with a bay window over the river.  The tide was out and the mud-flats were exposed.  Sunlight illuminated the woods and lawns of the large house across the river.  Nobody was about on the river.  A few large working barges were drawn up near the hard, as they always are.  Few people there, and the place looked little changed since my last visit, which was, I fear, probably a dozen years ago.  But it’s very mild — 12C at lunchtime isn’t bad for New Year’s Eve.

4 Responses to “From my diary”

  1. KP

    Happy New Year Roger. It’s already 2012 here and we’re heading for a top of 41C 🙂

  2. Roger Pearse

    Ah yes, but you have to live in these miserable soulless suburbs to do it (or so our media tells us). Is it true?

  3. Maureen

    Happy New Year, Roger!

    Yeah, gray days here, too, but it’s been 40 F or so — not bad at all. So there’s a tradeoff. But I did break down and put up bubblewrap on my windows as insulation.

  4. Roger Pearse

    I haven’t had to do that this year, but I did it both of the last two years, when we had bitter cold. It made quite a difference!