From my diary

I have taken another step to prepare for my forthcoming trip to Israel, visiting Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Galilee, etc.  It is a step that may strike fear into the hearts of many. 

I have bought a pair of swimming trunks.

I promise not to post pictures.  Lady readers might be overcome.

UPDATE: The internet is a curious place.  I just visited Google images and typed “swimsuit” in the search box, thinking to get a photo of a pair of trunks.  What I actually got was 10 pages of pretty young ladies in beachwear.  Not a single man, nor a single image of swimwear, rather than people wearing swimwear. I infer the male-to-female use of Google images must still be something like 20:1, therefore!

4 Responses to “From my diary”

  1. dale mcalpine

    Hope you have a great time Roger, I know in your previous post you said you had been there before but I just wanted to encourage you (if you have not been before) to spend time in the garden tomb, wonderful place and more biblically acurate than the supposed site of Christ’s crucifiction, according to Roman Catholics, at the church of the holy sepulchre.

    God bless


  2. Roger Pearse

    Thanks. I’m going on a tour, so I get to go where I’m taken!

  3. Erik Pettersson

    You should have typed “swimming trunks” on Google images.
    God bless you and have a nice trip.

  4. Steven Avery

    Usually a tour will give you some semi-free time in Jerusalem. Usually they will take you to the Garden Tomb, although sometimes too rushed. I agree it is one basic stop. You can ask them about the Ron Wyatt excavations related to the Ark of the Covenant many years back (and the less exciting recent attempt of the current WAR organization). The response you get might be a bit vague, or even hostile, or friendly, depending on which Garden Tomb person you get.

    And if you are flying out now, well .. next year in Jerusalem.