ICUR – Inscriptiones Christianae Urbis Romae – online

The ICUR series of inscriptions is not one that I have been familiar with.  But Lanciani references an inscription set up by the 4th century Pope Damasus over the Archivum, engraved by the artist Furius Dionysius Philocalus.  A google search for the Latin text reveals that it was published in De Rossi, ICUR, ii. 151.  So I’ve been searching for the volumes since.

The Fourth Century site gives a list of volumes.  I’ve added such links as I could find using Google Books and Europeana; but the items really do not seem to be online, despite being pre-1923 and so out of copyright.

Oh well.  I shall have to go without my inscription, and the witty, modest, yet learned remarks (or otherwise) that I would have written upon it.

UPDATE: I have added another link to vol.1 sent in by a correspondent: thank you!  He also points out that Damasus’ epigrams and inscriptions were all published by Ihm in 1895. have the book:  Apparently the inscription I have in mind is on p.58, #57.  Sadly I have no time to look now.

4 Responses to “ICUR – Inscriptiones Christianae Urbis Romae – online”

  1. Claire

    It seems that access to ICUR inscriptions is available from the EDB – Epigraphic Database Bari website at The information as the website address indicates is basic but it is a start!

  2. Roger Pearse

    I’ll take a look – thank you!

  3. Natalie Hall

    This may be too little too late but all of Damasus’ inscriptions have been collected and edited by Antonio Ferrua (in Latin unfortunately) titled Epigrammata Damasiana. I have been told that there is a “new” edited volume in the works but have yet to see it. The epigrams themselves (in Latin of course) are at this site:

  4. Roger Pearse

    Interesting – thank you!