A new review of the Eusebius “Gospel problems and solutions” book

A fresh — and kind — review has appeared of the text and translation of Eusebius of Caesarea’s Gospel problems and solutions (Quaestiones ad Stephanum et Marinum) which I published last year.  It is by Michael F. Bird and can be found here at the Review of Biblical Literature site.  (h/t here).

4 Responses to “A new review of the Eusebius “Gospel problems and solutions” book”

  1. Jona Lendering

    I am glad for you, dear Roger. And I hope your project will have set in motion a “virtuous cycle”. I still hope to read the book.

  2. Roger Pearse

    I hope so too. Although the pain involved was so great — it’s still causing me heartache even now, when everything ought to be resolved — that I for one never want to see the thing again!

    The translation will appear online one day, once sales dry up. Still a few copies to sell, I think. Not that it will ever make a profit…

  3. JB Piggin

    And of course it inspires others of us to publish likewise. I have just posted online a Gospel Questions Tract by an anonymous Latin author who is far inferior to Eusebius in quality, but may still be of some marginal interest: http://macrotypography.blogspot.de/2012/11/gospel-contradictions.html
    I would have simply discarded it, but thought to myself: this could be helpful to someone somewhere.

  4. Roger Pearse

    That is excellent news — thank you! As you say, this may be of use to someone, and is now accessible.

    You don’t feel any urge to translate it?