Armenian sources online at Robert Bedrosian

Robert Bedrosian writes to say that he has created a new collection of Armenian patristic materials on his website here.  In this he is rather too modest.  It is a cornucopia of PDF’s of Armenian materials.

Anyone who has ever tried to locate an Armenian edition of an ancient text will know that it is a lesson in pain.  Those of us who are not Armenian-speakers find it impossible to construct useful searches in Google Books.

The page begins with catalogues of Armenian manuscript holdings; in Munich, Paris, Oxford and others.  Much material in this language is unpublished, so these are valuable insights into available materials, all by themselves.

Then we pass to editions of Philo, and then patristic and liturgical texts.  These include many of the publications of the Mechitarist Fathers of Venice, all valuable, often referenced in bibliographies, and dreadfully hard to find online.  I noted two editions of Severian of Gabala, also sermons of John Chrysostom, and material by Timothy Aelurus, Eznik of Kolb, and so on.

After this we pass into editions of the bible in classical Armenian (or Grabar).  Finally there are some very useful reference volumes.

I don’t know of anyone but Robert Bedrosian who could have made such a collection.  But in so doing he has made accessible a world of useful material!

6 Responses to “Armenian sources online at Robert Bedrosian”

  1. Tom

    Marvelous! Thank you Robert, and thank you Roger for letting us all know about this.

  2. Roger Pearse

    I’m browsing the catalogue of Armenian mss at the Bodleian at the moment and finding odd items of interest of one sort or another!

  3. adamcmccollum

    Indeed, a very useful resource! See also here:

  4. Roger Pearse

    Excellent – thank you!

  5. Paul Edson

    I’m very keen to find an online English translation of Michael the Syrian’s ‘Chronicle’, but can’t seem to access Robert Bedrosian’s site or indeed contact him. Thanks in advance for any tips.

  6. Roger Pearse

    Robert Bedrosian’s site is