Piecing together Diogenes of Oinoanda

A new blog from the author of Antiochepedia:

Diogenes was an Epicurean Greek from the 2nd century AD who carved a summary of the philosophy of Epicurus onto a portico wall in the ancient city of Oenoanda in Lycia. The surviving fragments of the wall, which originally extended about 80 meters, 25,000 words long and filled 260 square meters of wall space. Less than a third of it has been recovered.

It sounds like a useful project:

The purpose of this blog is to gather together the disparate representations on the great inscription at Oinoanda so it will be accessible to the general public.

3 Responses to “Piecing together Diogenes of Oinoanda”

  1. sftommy


    Pretty fantastic story of recovery thanks for directing we curious!

  2. Harold Roig Gorina

    Take a look at this website.
    It contains in Catalan and English the translation of the inscription and many photos of Oinoanada etc.


  3. Roger Pearse

    Excellent! I can’t access it from my work, but such a site must be a good thing.