Graf’s Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur online!

A correspondant kindly drew my attention to an online resource for Islamic manuscripts.  The address is here:

The site includes all five volumes of Graf’s GCAL.  It may be 60 years old but it is still the only handbook of Christian Arabic literature.

The site also has a vast array of manuscript-related catalogues and resources.

3 Responses to “Graf’s Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur online!”

  1. Albocicade

    It’s about the middle of the page… look for “Georg Graf, Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur”.
    The five volumes comprise 2,384 pages.
    Vol. 1 contains the translations into Arabic, including the bible.
    Vol. 2 contains “Writers to the middle of the 15th century”.
    Vol. 3 contains “Writers from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century”, and covers the Melchites and Maronites.
    Vol. 4 continues volume 3 and includes Copts, Jacobites, Nestorians, and Armenians.
    Vol. 5 is an index.

  2. Hanna Megally

    I want the English translation of Georg Graf

  3. Roger Pearse

    I wish there was one