John the Lydian on the month of May – now online in English!

The 6th century Greek writer, John the Lydian, composed a work in 4 books on the Roman months (De mensibus).  The work is full of antiquarian information, which makes it a fascinating source for Roman time.  Book 4 consists of 12 chapters, one for each month.

In a very timely way,  Mischa Hooker has now translated the chapter on May for us all.  Here it is:

As ever, this is public domain: do whatever you like with it, personal, educational or commercial.

I’m hoping that there will be more of the months to come!

2 thoughts on “John the Lydian on the month of May – now online in English!”

  1. Gaseous circulation in the arteries? I guess John didn’t have available Galen’s criticism of Erasistratus, “An in arteriis natura sanguis contineatur”.

  2. Typos, courtesy of Bill Thayer:

    1. They Brytae -> The Brytae

    2. a period missing just before the call to note 15

    3. p131 not marked: I put it immediately after “but white”

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