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English translations of Chrysostom “De Severiano Recipiendo” and Severian’s “De pace” now online

Long ago I became aware that there were two related sermons in the Patrologia Graeca.  The first was given by John Chrysostom, after the empress had interceded to patch up a dispute between him and another bishop, and entitled De Severiano Recipiendo – That Severian must be received.  The other was delivered the next day, […]

Chrysostom, De terrae motu (on the earthquake) now online in English

Bryson Sewell has kindly translated for us all the short homily by John Chrysostom, De terrae motu (on the earthquake; CPG 4366, PG 50 713-6). It’s here in HTML form.  I have placed the PDF and Word forms at Archive.org here. The translation is public domain: use it freely for personal, educational or commercial use. If […]

Chrysostom, Against the games and the theatres, now online in English

Mark Vermes has completed for us an English translation of Contra ludos et theatra (PG 56, columns 261-270), which I have put in the public domain.  I’ll make an HTML version later, but you can get a PDF and a DOCX from Archive.org here: http://archive.org/details/ChrysostomAgainstTheGamesAndTheTheatres As always, you are free to use or distribute this for any […]

From my diary

The first chunk of a translation of Chrysostom’s homily on the circuses has arrived, and looks excellent.  I’ve paid for it and asked for more!  It will, of course, appear online and be placed in the public domain as per normal.

Chrysostom homilies which I just can’t access

There are a couple of homilies by Chrysostom in the Patrologia Graeca which do not seem to exist in English, and which ought to be interesting.  They were delivered after he returned from his first exile, and attempted a reconciliation with his enemy, Severian of Gabala, who had been needlessly alienated by the arrogance of […]

More on Anianus of Celeda

An email reminded me of this post about Anianus (or Annianus) of Celeda, who flourished ca. 413 AD and translated a number of the works of Chrysostom into Latin, in which form they circulated in the Middle Ages.  I’ve been looking for a bit more information about him. An index entry for Anianus at CERL […]

Back to Isidore of Pelusium’s letters

An email reached me today from a chap volunteering to take on a commission for some Greek and Syriac (and Armenian for that matter, although I have none in mind at the moment).  I’ve written back and asked for some details.  It might be nice to get him to do a few of the letters […]

Chrysostom’s sermon on new year (in kalendas) now online in English

The translation that I commissioned of John Chrysostom’s sermon on the new year festivities is now online here.  I hope it will be useful!  It’s public domain – do whatever you like with  it!

Translation of Chrysostom “In Kalendas” has arrived

The translation that I commissioned of John Chrysostom’s sermon In Kalendas, on the kalends of January — i.e. on New Year — has arrived and looks good.  It will be released into the public domain and placed online this evening. There may be a bit of a hiatus with various projects over the summer.  I […]

From my diary

An email this morning to say that the translation of John Chrysostom’s In Kalendas is now done all the way through and just needs revision.  This is excellent news.  When it arrives I will post it online.