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Anthony Alcock: translation Wansleben’s1671 account of Coptic church

Anthony Alcock has translated a curiosity for us: an account of the state of the Coptic church in Egypt made by a certain Johann Michael Wansleben, and published in 1671.  Wansleben was a Lutheran traveller who hoped to reach Ethiopia.  His book is an account of Egypt as it then was. Here is Dr Alcock’s […]

Archellites – a 10th century Coptic poem, translated by Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock has sent me another translation from Coptic.  There is a collection of 10th century Coptic poems, which were published in Oriens Christianus (the volumes are online at Archive.org).  One of these is about the martyr Archellites.  Here it is: archellites_alcock_2016 (PDF) There is no historical content to this, but it is useful to have […]

Text and translation of three Coptic stelae – by Anthony Alcock

We don’t do a lot with inscriptions here.  But I wonder if people realise that there are inscriptions in Coptic?  I certainly never thought about this; but there are. Anthony Alcock has made a text and English translation of three stone stelae, which have Coptic inscriptions.  These are from various locations around Egypt. 3_Coptic_Stelae_alcock_2016 (PDF) Fascinating! […]

The use of Coptic by modern Egyptians – Anthony Alcock translates

I’ve been sent the attached PDF, which is a curiosity of great interest.  It is translated from a modern book, written entirely in modern Coptic, which Dr Alcock found on the web. Coptic_Quill_alcock_2016 (PDF) I think many of us would like to know more about how the last version of the Ancient Egyptian language is enjoying […]

Shenoute, On the invasions of the “Ethiopians” – translated by Anthony Alcock

An item that Anthony Alcock translated some time ago, but did not reach me, is three texts by the 5th century Coptic abbot Shenoute, which are concerned with invasions by “Ethiopians” – presumably Nubians – at that period. It will be remembered that the temples at Philae, on the southern Egyptian border, remained open for […]

Shenoute – Adversus Graecos de usura / On usury, now online in English

The excellent Anthony Alcock has made a translation of a short but interesting text by the Coptic abbot Shenoute (or Shenouda).  The Latin title is Adversus Graecos de usura, but he titles it On labour relations and usury, and seems to question whether it can be really directed against the pagans. Here is the translation: […]

Coptic “Life” of Maximus and Domitius

Anthony Alcock has continued his invaluable series of translations of Coptic literature.  The new item is a translation of the hagiographic Life of Saints Maximus and Domitius, who were brothers.  He adds a preface – read all about it! Maximus and Domitius_Alcock_2016 (PDF) There is an article online in the Coptic Encyclopedia here, from which I learn […]

Has the lost “De baptismo” of Melito of Sardis been rediscovered in Coptic?

Alin Suciu has been undertaking the thankless task of sifting through Coptic patristic papyri.  It looks as if he may have struck gold!  A new second-century patristic text, no less!  From his blog: At the Coptic congress, which this year will be held in Claremont, California, I will speak about the discovery of Melito of […]

Another Coptic translation from Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock has completed a new translation of a Coptic text on the 24 elders.  It’s here: Alcock-The Twenty-Four Elders-2015 (PDF)

A Coptic fragment of Severian of Gabala on Penitence via Alin Suciu

The excellent Alin Suciu has continued his trawl through uncatalogued Coptic papyri.  The lost papyri of Louvain have attracted his attention.  A post on his blog reports the discovery of parts of a Coptic version of CPG 4186, a homily by Severian of Gabala on penitence: Under no. 48, Lefort published an unidentified papyrus fragment […]