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Another Coptic translation from Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock has completed a new translation of a Coptic text on the 24 elders.  It’s here: Alcock-The Twenty-Four Elders-2015 (PDF)

A Coptic fragment of Severian of Gabala on Penitence via Alin Suciu

The excellent Alin Suciu has continued his trawl through uncatalogued Coptic papyri.  The lost papyri of Louvain have attracted his attention.  A post on his blog reports the discovery of parts of a Coptic version of CPG 4186, a homily by Severian of Gabala on penitence: Under no. 48, Lefort published an unidentified papyrus fragment […]

Anthony Alcock – text and translation of the Life of Barsuma the Naked

Another translation from the Coptic by Anthony Alcock, this time of a medieval saint who emulated Job.  Here it is: alcock_Barsuma_the_Naked_2015 (PDF) A little after our time-frame, but always good to make literature accessible online!

A Coptic version of the Acts of Peter – translated by Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock continues his programme of translations of Coptic literature with this item from a papyrus, P.Berol.8502, best known for containing a copy of 3 gnostic texts, including the Apocryphon of John.  Here it is: Alcock_Acts_of_Peter (PDF) As ever, we can all be grateful to have this accessible.

Three texts describing labouring jobs in a Coptic monastery – translated by Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock has translated three Coptic texts which give instructions on manual labour to be undertaken within a monastery; at harvest, in the bakery, etc.  It’s here: Alcock_Work_in_a_Coptic_Monastery_2015 (PDF) This is very useful, precisely because it is not an “exciting” text.  But it gives a clear picture of an important aspect of monastic life.  Thank you, Dr Alcock, […]

Shenoute: Apocalypse and Testimony, translated by Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock continues his programme of translations from Coptic with a couple of short texts, which profess to be the Apocalypse and the Testimony by Shenoute.  Whether these are indeed by Shenoute is not clear, but it is very useful to have this material in English! Shenoute-Apocalypse_and_Testament_Alcock_2015 (PDF) Thank you!

Martyrdom of St. Lacaron – now online in English by Anthony Alcock

Anthony Alcock has translated a long Coptic martyrdom or “passion” for us.  This is the Passion of S. Lacaron, which Orlandi dates to the 8th century.  The text and translation is here: Martyrdom_of_Lacaron_alcock (PDF) The Coptic Encyclopedia (vol. 5, 1991) has a useful article on Lacaron here, which reads as follows: (CE: 1423b-1424a) LACARON, SAINT, martyr in […]

English translation of Shenoute’s “On those who have left the monastery” by Anthony Alcock

This afternoon brings another gem from Anthony Alcock: a translation from Coptic of Shenoute’s De eis qui e monasterio discesserunt, his attack on monks who have abandoned their monastery.  He explains: The text translated here makes it clear that some of those who have left blamed Shenoute for his ill-treament, but others simply did not the […]

Some stories from the Apophthegmata Patrum

I suppose that only a few will download the PDFs of Anthony Alcock’s new translation from Coptic of the Sayings of the Fathers.  But it contains many stories that the monks told each other.  Here are one or two samples.  I have over-paragraphed them for readability. 226. It was said of Apa Macarius that one […]

Anthony Alcock, Fourth part of Coptic Sayings of the Fathers now online

Anthony Alcock continues his translation of the Apophthegmata Patrum – The Sayings of the Fathers with a translation of the fourth and final part.  The complete set are all here.