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Coptic Acts of Andrew and Paul now online in English

Anthony Alcock has continued his programme of translations with the first English translation of two Coptic fragments from a Vatican manuscript, which have been given the title of the Acts of Andrew and Paul.  The two were printed, with French translation, by X. Jacques, “Les deux fragments conservés des ‘Actes d’André et Paul’”, in Orientalia 38 […]

Acts of Andrew and Paul: Does anyone have access to “Orientalia”?

I need an article: can someone help me?  We may get a translation out of it, if we can get hold of the text. The Apocryphal New Testament: A Collection of Apocryphal Christian Literature in an English Translation by J. K. Elliott makes mention of some 9th century Coptic Acts of Andrew and Paul, on p.243. The text […]

The Borborites-Phibionites in the “books of Jeu”

I have already mentioned a passage in the Pistis Sophia, found in the codex Askewianus, that refers to Borborite practices. But there is also a reference in the texts known as the “Books of Jeu” (the name is modern), in the so-called Bruce codex.  This was obtained by the Scottish traveller James Bruce ca. 1769, […]

170 Christian Arabic manuscripts from St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo now online!

They are here: http://cpart.maxwellinstitute.byu.edu/home/resources/manuscripts/cop/ Blessedly, they have all been placed on Archive.org!  So they are downloadable as PDF’s!!!  What an excellent decision! The images are all from microfilms.  But at least we have them! Mostly Arabic, some Coptic.  Lots of biblical mss, of course; This one caught my eye: COP 20-5 (Theology 30) Principal Work: […]

Coptic Encyclopedia, Nag Hammadi photos, online at Claremont Colleges Digital Library

Via AWOL I learn: The Claremont Colleges Digital Library is serving some interesting open access  material relating to antiquity: … Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia The Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia (CCE) will initially include  approximately 2800 articles published in The Coptic Encyclopedia (Aziz  S. Atiya, ed. NY: Macmillan, 1991). The CCE will continuously add  updates and new topics […]

Coptic monastery set alight; fate of Coptic manuscripts unknown

There have been vague reports on twitter for a few days of a 4th century Coptic church, the “Virgin Mary church”, being burned by the Moslem Brotherhood’s thugs in Egypt.  Today I find something solid, and it looks grim. From Jihadwatch.org: Ancient Egyptian Christian Monastery Set Aflame As Muslim Brotherhood supporters continue their jihadi rampage on […]

The Repose of John – Alcock’s translation

Anthony Alcock has produced a modern translation of a Coptic text, The Repose of St John the Evangelist and Apostle.  It was published originally in 1913 with a translation by Wallis Budge. The new translation (with facing text) is here: The Repose of John_alcock_2013 (PDF).

“The Mysteries of the Greek Alphabet” – part 5 of translation from Coptic now online

Dr Anthony Alcock has kindly sent me the fifth and final part of his translation of the 14th century Coptic text, “The mysteries of the Greek alphabet”.  It’s here: alphabet_alcock5 (PDF) See also: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Very many thanks indeed to Dr Alcock for making this translation freely accessible online!  […]

“The Mysteries of the Greek Alphabet” – part 4 of translation from Coptic now online

Anthony Alcock continues working on this late Coptic text.  Part 4, of 5, is here: alphabet_alcock4

“The Mysteries of the Greek Alphabet” – part 3 of translation from Coptic now online

Anthony Alcock continues his translation of the late medieval Coptic text which reads symbolism into the letters of the Greek alphabet.  Part 3 (of 5) is now available! alphabet_alcock3 See also part 1 and part 2. I’m sure that all of us are grateful to Dr Alcock for making this text available to us all.  This […]