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Is “Happy Birthday” an egregrious example of fraudulent claim of copyright?

Techdirt today have published an article making the extraordinary claim that one of the world’s leading music publishers has fraudulently collected hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties for the song, “Happy Birthday”, when – they say – it is in fact out of copyright: Lawsuit Filed To Prove Happy Birthday Is In The Public […]

Copyright and critical editions – a French court says the text is not copyright

Today I learned via Maïeul Rouquette of a fascinating court case in France, here, (in French).  The question is whether editing a critical text of an ancient author creates a copyright. The dispute is between two companies, Droz and Garnier.  Garnier placed online the text (without apparatus or commentary) of certain medieval texts, using the text published […]

When interests collide: Elsevier start threatening the scholars who publish with them if they post copies online

An interesting story which hasn’t really reached critical mass was mentioned to me by a correspondent this morning.  Via Wired I read: Elsevier clamps down on academics posting their own papers online … Guy Leonard, a research fellow at the University of Exeter, posted a screengrab of the message, which said: “Academia.edu is committed to […]

Rather than ruin all the library books with photocopying…

To the local library, to collect a copy of the English translation of a Byzantine text.  The volume was a substantial hardback, with the library plate of the John Rylands Library in Manchester.  Inside the book at various points was an old train ticket fromWigan, and two trading cards from some exhibition in 2007, all […]

Making money from my efforts; but do I care?

A Google search for Pionius reminded me that, back in 2006, I had scanned the late Life of Polycarp by ps.Pionius — it is probably 4th century — and added it to my collection here. What I did not expect was to find the same item for sale on Amazon, here and here, added in […]

Vintage worship tapes and other memories

Yesterday I encountered vintageworshiptapes.com, a site which is: A project to preserve classic worship music from the golden era of Harvestime worship music. Awake, O Zion! I should explain that in the late 70’s and early 80’s, there were a series of annual bible weeks held at showgrounds in the United Kingdom as part of the […]

From my diary

I spent some time today reading the online French translations of the poems of Sidonius Apollinaris.  I was very struck by the way that the poet appeals repeatedly to the works of the early empire, to Horace and Sallust and Varro and Tacitus.  I saw no mention of any later writers, indeed. This evening I found […]

Britain will not contribute to the internet – copyright suicide proposed

A curious report on the BBC today, indicating that the British government is pretty much owned by the music and book publishing industries. Under the plans users suspected of accessing or uploading illegally copied files will be sent letters from their internet service provider (ISP), delivered at least one month apart, informing them they are […]

Library.nu has been shut down

So I learn, from an article by Prof. Christopher Kelty at — of all places –aljazeera.com.  Kelty’s article is required reading: READ IT!  A couple of snippets:  Last week a website called “library.nu” disappeared. A coalition of international scholarly publishers accused the site of piracy and convinced a judge in Munich to shut it down. Library.nu (formerly […]

Why copyright does NOT mean money for those who create original material

Quite by accident, I came across an interesting article which throws new light on why copyright is not quite what it is generally supposed to be. Copyright is not a moral axiom.  There is no teaching in the bible that states it, nor is it self-evident. The idea behind it is that people should be […]