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No more free speech

I have just updated the blog header, and also the About page, to remove the references to my interest in freedom of speech online.  Old posts on the subject will remain, but I have no plans to post more on this subject. I grew up in times in which you could express pretty much any […]

“Freedom of speech is not something to be awarded to those who are thought deserving and denied to those who are thought undeserving’ – judge

Another valuable article appears today in the Daily Mail.  The context is a curious system of secret ‘family’ courts who take children from families but may not be reported by the press.  This evil seems peculiar to Britain, and the details may be read in the article.   The new judge in charge of the system, […]

The evil bishop, the evil Pope, and the satire of Erasmus on such creatures

I mentioned a little while ago how a Canadian episcopal bishop named Michael Bird, fervent in promoting non-Christian causes such as homosexuality in his unfortunate church, zealous in suing his congregations for daring to disapprove, seizing their property and closing the doors, is now suing a blogger who dared to criticise and satirise him, the […]

Anglican church of Canada bishop Michael Bird uses church funds (?) to sue blogger for “defamation”

UPDATED: I learn that it is not clear whether Bishop Bird is actually using church funds to do this.  I suspect that he is, since few people can afford such vanity cases personally, but I do not actually know this for a fact. Anglican Samizdat blog is being sued.  The pretence is defamation, but the object is to […]

Press and web censorship to be introduced in Britain

It’s mildly unbelievable, but apparently it’s true. The new regulation will cover “websites containing news-related material” apparently.  That means not only ones such as this, but the one run by your local parish council too.  And the one written by just about anyone with a blog. We now live in a world in which millions […]

Islamic criminals take down Egyptology web sites: TPTB take no action.

I learn from Paleobabble that a particularly nasty bit of cyber-violence has been going on.  It seems that Moslem groups in Egypt have been running attacks on the Egyptology sites edited by Kate Phizackerly and others, notably the KV64 news blog, on discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, and their new project, the Egyptological […]

Silencing dissent in the modern world

It is extraordinary to me how something mad and evil, which was unheard of a couple of years ago, can suddenly become something which it is positively dangerous to oppose.  But so it is, in our unhappy world.  In this case I refer to “gay marriage”, but it could be any number of causes, where […]

Free speech online gets less free … but who can blame them?

The abuse — in every sense — of anonymity online has driven another major website to ban anonymous “comments”.  YouTube has given in, and who can blame them?  H/t the Daily Mail: YouTube puts an end to vicious, anonymous comments which have turned site into ‘Wild West’ YouTube is set to overhaul its comments system […]

The troll and the policeman — a natural connection?

There was a time when the police paid no attention to anything posted on the web.  In the United Kingdom, at least, that time is past.  Over the last few months I have seen a series of stories, where offline people have called for the police to arrest trolls.  Routinely, now, the police are acting. […]

An important victory for free speech in Canada

We used to talk about politics, back in the 70’s, at school.  And sometimes we didn’t agree.  Sometimes someone would say something outrageous.  And it might earn the commonplace response, “It’s a free country”, with the understood corollary that anyone might say what they thought. It’s a saying that you never hear today.  Because in […]