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A marvellous collection of photographs – Following Hadrian, by Carole Raddato

Over the last couple of months, I have become aware of another individual who, quietly, and without any fanfare, is making a real difference to ancient history online.  Her name is Carole Raddato, and she writes the Following Hadrian blog. What she is doing is travelling all over the Roman Empire, and photographing its material […]

Copyright and critical editions – a French court says the text is not copyright

Today I learned via Maïeul Rouquette of a fascinating court case in France, here, (in French).  The question is whether editing a critical text of an ancient author creates a copyright. The dispute is between two companies, Droz and Garnier.  Garnier placed online the text (without apparatus or commentary) of certain medieval texts, using the text published […]

Digitising ancient texts – the future that did not happen

This morning I saw the following announcement: We’re really proud to announce that EpiDoc XML versions of all 99 volumes of the monumental Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) are now being added to the Open Greek and Latin Project‘s GitHub repository! What it means, for non-techno junkies, is that someone has scanned the 99 volumes of the […]

Where have all the photos (of archaeology) gone? Gone to recycle bins, every one.

There’s no getting away from it: the Roman city of Leptis Magna in Libya is gorgeous.  It’s situated by the sea, the surrounding area is very underdeveloped, thanks to Gaddafi’s tyranny, and it gives you such a great idea of what a Roman city looked like.  I’ve been twice, and would gladly go again.  Even […]

The decay of digital media

This evening I was looking through some PDF’s of a Mithras reference volume, which a correspondent very kindly scanned for me some time back.   I keep a copy on my travelling laptop, and so when I am working away from home, I can work on the site in the evenings in the hotel.  I was, in fact, […]

Finding archaeology online about Mithras

I’m extremely busy at the moment adding material to the Mithras site.  At the moment this is driven by a list of Mithraeums discovered since 1960.  I am attempting to research each of these online, grab some text, some images, and create a page for it.  This is, inevitably, a very time-consuming business. Several things […]

Help! How can I get hold of this?

Time for a public appeal!  I’m trying to get hold of an exhibition catalogue, for an exhibition held at the town hall in Viterbo on 21 June 1997-10th January 1998, title: Il Mitreo di Vulci : Montalto di Castro, Palazzo del Comune, 21 giugno 1997-10 gennaio 1998, which is 43 p. and was written by a […]

Italian items online!

I spend a very busy morning attempting to locate the publication of the Mithraeum in Vulci, in Etruria.  My search was rewarded, after around 3 hours persistence, by discovering that it was online!  It was certainly impossible to buy, probably because it seems to have been an exhibition catalogue. The site that made this possible […]

Ancient Christian Writers volumes online at Archive.org

A correspondant tells me of a website which lists the volumes of the ACW series, and, better, has links to some which are online at Archive.org!  The link is here. Ah, those were the days, before century-long copyrights!!

Getty your hand out of my wallet – some way to go on open access, I fear

The Getty Museum laudably makes some images available online.  Some of these (but not all) may be freely used for personal purposes online.  Most of the images on their site are NOT usable by anyone else, and they want money if we want to use any of them for scholarly purposes. This simple statement is […]