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Online collaborative translation of the Lexicon of Harpocration

A group of volunteers are making a translation online of the Lexicon of Harpocration.  This has some 300 entries, and the translation is nearly complete, in fact.  The project is here.  The entries seem mainly about people, rather than things, whom a reader of classical literature might find difficulty in identifying.

Lexicon: an introduction to the dictionaries of ancient Greek that survive from antiquity

Around twenty ancient and medieval lexicons/dictionaries/glossaries/encyclopedias of Greek words and their meanings have reached us, plus quite a number of minor lexica.  These works contain lists of Greek words, often dialect or otherwise unusual.  In many cases they are concerned with advising the reader how to write Attic Greek correctly. The works exist because, after the […]

Some notes on the lexicon of Festus

There is a manuscript in the Farnese collection, in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Naples (shelfmark Bibl. Naz. IV.A.3), known as the Farnesianus or F, because it once formed part of the library of Cardinal Ranuccio Farnese.  This contains a text consisting of words and definitions, entitled De significatione verborum, On the meaning of words.  The […]