Online collaborative translation of the Lexicon of Harpocration

A group of volunteers are making a translation online of the Lexicon of Harpocration.  This has some 300 entries, and the translation is nearly complete, in fact.  The project is here.  The entries seem mainly about people, rather than things, whom a reader of classical literature might find difficulty in identifying.


4 thoughts on “Online collaborative translation of the Lexicon of Harpocration

  1. The translation for the ἐπὶ παλλαδίωι entry could be a bit misleading. The expresion ἐν ᾧ δικάζουσιν ἀκουσίου φόνου καὶ βουλεύσεως has been translated as <>. Yet, I think that deliberation is not fit to the original text. The greek word βουλεύσεως points to the action of planning and collaboratting for the assassination without directly doing it. See, for instance, the introductory comments written by Maidment for the Tetralogies authored by Antiphon in Loeb Classical Library. A better translation would be <> or something like that (I’am not a native English speaker)

  2. … has been translated as “homicide, and deliberation”. .. A better translation would be “conspiracy”, as in Liddell and Scott. I would never use “deliberation” here.
    Sorry for the long long procrastination (!)

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