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Caesar’s reform of the calendar – some ancient sources

Plutarch, Caesar 59: 59. 1. The adjustment of the calendar, however, and the correction of the irregularity in the computation of time, were not only studied scientifically by him, but also brought to completion, and proved to be of the highest utility. 2. For not only in very ancient times was the relation of the lunar to […]

From my diary

I have continued to work on the new Mithras pages.  Today I have found myself mostly working on PHP scripts.  Naturally I want to see if there are any hits on the pages, so I have written a simple statistics script.  I will beef it up once it goes live and I have more interest […]

The man who gave a few pence to the emperor Augustus

The story is in Macrobius, Saturnalia, book 2, chapter 4: [31] As he went down from his residence on the Palatine, a seedy-looking Greek used to offer him a complimentary epigram.  This the man did on many occasions without success, and Augustus, seeing him about to do it again, wrote a short epigram in Greek […]

Macrobius on the date of Saturnalia

Today is the first day of Saturnalia, the Roman winter festival which lasted from 17-23rd December.  In honour of the day, I thought that I would collect what the 5th century writer Macrobius has to say about the date, in book 1 of his book, Saturnalia.  I have added additional paragraphing, to make it easier […]

Some sayings by Cicero from the ‘Saturnalia’ of Macrobius

I have been reading the Saturnalia of Macrobius, that curious store of Latin learning from the very end of the empire.  Book 2 contains a collection of witticisms.  Here are a few. [ 1] But I am surprised, continued Symmachus, that none of you have said anything of Cicero’s jests, for here, as in everything […]