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I have continued to work on the new Mithras pages.  Today I have found myself mostly working on PHP scripts.  Naturally I want to see if there are any hits on the pages, so I have written a simple statistics script.  I will beef it up once it goes live and I have more interest in seeing who (other than myself) is looking at the site.

I’m still getting useful snippets out of Macrobius.  Here is a bit of book 2, chapter 6:

[1] Let me turn back now from stories of women to stories of men and from risque jests to seemly humor.

The lawyer Cascellius had a reputation for a remarkably outspoken wit, and here is one of his best known quips. Vatinius had been stoned by the populace at a gladiatorial show which he was giving, and so he prevailed on the aediles to make a proclamation forbidding the throwing of anything but fruit into the arena.

Now it so happened that Cascellius at that time was asked by a client to advise whether a fir-cone was a fruit or not, and his reply was: “If you propose to throw one at Vatinius, it is.”


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