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Life of Mar Aba – final version now online in English

I have collected together all the pieces of the Life of the 6th century patriarch of Persia, Mar Aba, and revised them slightly and uploaded them to the Additional Fathers collection, with an introduction.  The translation is here. I made the translation, not from the original Syriac, but from the BKV German translation.  It’s probably […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 41 (and end)

We may as well add today the conclusion of the Life of Mar Aba. 41.  In order to avoid wearying you, through hearing too much, let us pass over what God soon did through him and for his sake in many distant countries, through arbitrating disputes which Satan, the enemy of our nature, had aroused; then in the […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 40

Dead but not buried yet! (I have split up some of the monster sentences in this one). 40.  He was honoured for seven days in the cathedral, day and night, with scripture readings, hymns, sermons and spiritual songs, and all the hosts of believers from all the provinces took the blessings home, by means of small […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 39

Mar Aba may be dead; but the political situation was still difficult.  The fire-priests had not forgotten their old adversary.  For Zoroastrians were not buried, and Mar Aba had been a noble Persian. 39.  Then the magians made so much fuss, that nobody dared to bury him until the King commanded it.  When he was laid […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 38

By this time Mar Aba was an old man.  Clearly he had reached an understanding with the Sassanid King, and was trusted to undertake what were really diplomatic missions.  But his health had suffered from his long period of imprisonment, and it is likely that everyone knew that he did not have long to live. […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 37

Let’s return to the 6th century Syriac Life of Mar Aba, the Nestorian patriarch.  This life is interesting since it is not far removed in time from the events, and contains what are clearly historical statements about an otherwise little-known period of the history of Christianity in Persia. A German translation exists, but no English […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 36

The 6th century Saint’s life of the Nestorian Patriarch, Mar Aba, is an interesting document in that it contains real insights into the political maneouverings at the court of the later Sassanid kings.  The Nestorian patriarch now had a very substantial following in Persia.  Earlier Patriarchs were merely seen as the head of an unpopular sect […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 35

The hagiographical life of Mar Aba continues. 35. While the King of Kings intended that he should remain a few days after his release, and then go to the cities of his throne, Satan stirred up unrest and rioting through the actions of the heathen in Bet Huzaye.  The Magians accused the Blessed One before the King of […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 34

The 6th century “Saint’s Life” of the East Syriac patriarch, Mar Aba, continues.  He has been loaded with chains, and is now being marched along on an expedition that the Sassanid Persian King of Kings is making up-country.  The Persian fire-priests at court are still trying to get him.  After the Saint had been dragged […]

Life of Mar Aba – chapter 33

The hagiographical Life of the East Syriac Catholicos Mar Aba continues thus: 33. After the Mobed spoke thus to the Lordly one, the latter instructed him extensively from the Holy Scriptures on the true faith, the permanence of Christianity, the greatness of the economy of God, about the resurrection and the judgement, about the blessings […]