Life of Mar Aba – chapter 35

The hagiographical life of Mar Aba continues.

35. While the King of Kings intended that he should remain a few days after his release, and then go to the cities of his throne, Satan stirred up unrest and rioting through the actions of the heathen in Bet Huzaye.  The Magians accused the Blessed One before the King of Kings: “If the Catholicos had wanted, the rioting would not have broken out.”  Immediately he was chained to a foot-soldier (paig) by a strong chain to the neck, and brought to the court of the King of Kings, and everyone believed that he would be executed immediately.  The King of Kings, exasperated through the slander of the Magians, sent word to him by means of his commissioner (Farruchdâd Hôrmîzd) DZ’DGW: “You are an enemy of Our Majesty, and the Christians have become arrogant because of you.  In many cities they have risen up against the noble Magians, beaten and robbed them, and even now are rioting.  You chose bishops and priests and sent them into the provinces, even though you are in prison; but myself you treat as nothing.  Therefore I command that in the morning you will be taken and thrown into a pit, so that you will die there.”


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