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Investigating “quotations” online – another blog

Regular readers will know that I sometimes investigate supposed quotations from the ancients which I have found online.  Often they prove to be bogus. I came across a blog which does nothing but check quotations.  I’d never heard of it, and it deserves wider notice: http://quoteinvestigator.com/ Recommended.

Welcome to Christophe Guignard’s “Marginalia” blog

The excellent Christophe Guignard has started his own blog (in French), on details of ancient Christian literature and its Graeco-Roman context.  It’s called Marginalia. He’s just done a post in both English and French on a “new” uncial fragment of John’s Gospel (0323). He’s also interested in Syriac mss. at Sinai. I think I shall […]

Piecing together Diogenes of Oinoanda

A new blog from the author of Antiochepedia: Diogenes was an Epicurean Greek from the 2nd century AD who carved a summary of the philosophy of Epicurus onto a portico wall in the ancient city of Oenoanda in Lycia. The surviving fragments of the wall, which originally extended about 80 meters, 25,000 words long and […]

Egyptological taken offline by ‘hackers’

Via News from the Valley of the Kings, I learn that an online Egyptology magazine, Egyptological, has been attacked: Kate and Andrea are very sad to announce that Egyptological will be unavailable for the forseeable future.  It has been targeted by a professional hacking group as part of an onslaught on Egypt-related web sites during the […]

The Legend of St Mena

A wonderful retelling of the Old Nubian legend of St. Mena, published by F. L. Griffith in 1903 in Nubian texts of the Christian period, is given at Suburban Banshee here.  Read and enjoy!  It makes plain why hagiographical texts have an appeal!

Isidore of Seville, good dragons, Moses and Christianity

A fascinating post at Aliens in this world, about an unusual version of a biblical story, in Isidore of Seville, and its consequences.

A series of posts on Cyril of Alexandria at “All along the watchtower”

An incoming link draws my attention to a blog previously unknown to me, All along the watchtower.  The blog has begun a series of posts by “Chalcedon451” on Cyril of Alexandria. It is certainly the case that few of the Fathers enjoy a lower reputation in the English-speaking world than Cyril.  “Chalcedon451” suggests that we have Gibbon […]

Vale, the Cyprian Project

Rod Letchford has written and let me know that he has taken down the Cyprian Project, and allowed its domain name to expire.  This is sad news.  But apparently the number of  visitors was too low for him to carry on.  Various snapshots of the site may be found in the WaybackWhen machine at www.archive.org. […]

Writing your own “Atheist manual and cookbook”

Via the eChurch blog I learn that secularist scholar R. J. Hoffmann is getting a little fed up with some of his atheist co-religionists.  In this post he outlines the tactics the latter employ. The Sure-Fire Atheist Rapid Response Manual When I wrote Atheism’s Little Idea I said atheists were small. But (and this is embarrassing […]

More on Methodius

My posts on the works of Methodius in Old Slavonic here and here have attracted a wealth of learned comment, for which many thanks. Mikhail Vedeshkin kindly left links to online Russian resources about Methodius. Here you can find a few works of Methodius translated into modern Russian. http://mystudies.narod.ru/name/m/methodius.htm “The feast of 10 virgins or about virginity” […]