Egyptological taken offline by ‘hackers’

Via News from the Valley of the Kings, I learn that an online Egyptology magazine, Egyptological, has been attacked:

Kate and Andrea are very sad to announce that Egyptological will be unavailable for the forseeable future.  It has been targeted by a professional hacking group as part of an onslaught on Egypt-related web sites during the current unrest in Egypt.

Although we have been in negotiations with the hackers, which seemed to be going well, they have now announced their intention of resuming hostilities against us.  They apparently see Egyptology sites such as ours as representing a form of political threat.

Until we have been able to assess the level of damage inflicted upon our backup solution, and have been able to devise a new strategy for the future security of Egyptological, our site will remain unavailable.  We do not expect it to be recovered until the end of January.

This sort of thing is why we will end up with a heavily-policed and locked-down internet.  We shall all be poorer, because the criminal element will not behave decently unless restrained by fear of punishment.  I fear that the old days of the internet are truly dead.


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