More Classical Armenian

While following up Rick Brannan’s comment on my last post, and searching for Bedrossian’s dictionary, I came across a marvellous site: the Leiden Armenian Lexical Database. This contains an electronic version of Bedrossian, as well as several other dictionaries, plus some Armenian texts which have been fully morphologised. The whole site is maintained by Jos Weitenberg, as far as I can see.

This doesn’t remove the need for some printed material, but obviously is a huge leap forward. I think that I will try to contact these people and see if there is some scope to digitise Eusebius’ Chronicle book 1 in the Armenian version! That would seem to offer possibilities of synergy to both sides, particularly if a few of us could contribute a bit of money.


2 thoughts on “More Classical Armenian

  1. This is *very* cool! With the parallel aligned Armenian-Greek of John, the morph, the dictionaries, and Thomson’s intro … I could actually learn some Armenian! Thanks for sharing, Roger!

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