Preparing for the Eusebius Chronicle translation

I have now entered both Petermann’s Latin and Karst’s German translation into a database, split into sentences and lined up the two in parallel columns.  It looks as if a copy of Aucher will be with me in a week or so, but I see no way to make much use of it.

I need to revise the software to make it possible for us to enter an English translation, and then we will be underway.  I will post in various groups once the first chunk becomes available, probably this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Preparing for the Eusebius Chronicle translation

  1. Roger, don’t forget that the AMC forum can be a valuable place to store discussions on the translations, if you wish. Feel free to mention it there too.


  2. Thanks. The sort of controls one has in forum software would be useful. But I feel that we don’t want people leaving the page on which the translation is, if at all possible. So I think I’ll have to write something basic as I did last time. (Quite how to do this on a page already full, well, I’m not sure. But I will tinker with it and see what works).

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