Patristic blog

I had something nice happen to me today.  I was writing some notes on John bar Zo’bi here and found, to my delight, that someone had picked up on an extract from his works which I had scanned and uploaded ages ago.  It seems that we have another patristic blogger!

I remember having to force myself to scan that, and did so only because it was offline and never likely to come online.  Somehow finding that someone thought it worth reposting makes it all worthwhile!

Tomorrow I must go back to work, to a new role at the same place doing stuff that I don’t much care for. I find that I’m frankly dreading it — indeed had nightmares about it last night — which is never a good sign. Still, only 8 weeks of it and then I’m free of that job. The money may help to pay for some translation work.


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