Eusebius Chronicle book 1

The other thing that I have done this week is to return to my online collaborative translation of book 1 of Eusebius’ Chronicle. I pretty much had to stop pushing this last year as pressures at work reached fever pitch. It’s very demanding running one of these efforts; you have to log in each day, and find things to say and add more yourself, and generally keep momentum going.

But I’ve been very pleased to find that a lot of chunk 3 has been done in my absence anyway.  I’ve done a whole load more myself this week (during a period of boredom) and there are only a dozen sections left unattempted.  I shall do more!

The whole text is sitting in the database online anyhow. 


2 thoughts on “Eusebius Chronicle book 1

  1. I’ve seen the Eusebius project and I’m impressed. I only used tiny bits of Eusebius’ Chronicle, sc. those relating to Ctesias’ Persica – which I’m editing (with introduction, text, translation [in English], and historical commentary. Nevertheless I fully intend to revisit this site more frequently.

  2. Many thanks for the feedback! It’s much appreciated. Do contribute a section or two if you like.

    May I ask what you’re translating from? Are you able to use the Armenian? (Not that a critical text of this exists…)

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