New sermons of Augustine

Back in March at Thoughts on Antiquity I reported on a discovery of 6 sermons of Augustine previously thought lost.

Mike Aquilina at Way of the Fathers draws my attention to an update on this, which indicates that the sermons are authentic.

…in 1974, in France, Johannes Divjak found 29 unpublished letters; in 1990, in Mainz, François Dolbeau discovered 26 sermons. The latter discovery, however, is only a link in the chain of finds in Germany: during the past century about 60 sermons came to light in various German libraries which research has shown to be authentic. …

The parchment manuscript’s 264 pages are no bigger than 115 x 95 millimetres and contain about 60 sermons, most of which are already known. They are sermons by Caesarius and the Pseudo John Chrysostom, written for the Lenten Season and for several celebrations in the month of September, and an extraordinary collection of 28 sermons which can be attributed to Augustine.


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