Courage beyond imagination: scanning Gregory’s Moralia In Job

I’ve scanned a text or two in my time.  There are some volumes, however, that inspire fear.

First among these are the volumes of the Oxford Movement “Library of the Fathers”.  The format of the volumes, with 600+ pages, copious marginalia and two columns of footnotes, means that any text from this series is an utter pain to scan.

There are 6 volumes of Gregory the Great’s “Moralia on Job” in this series.  I have never had the courage to even seek them out.  The memory of Cyril of Alexandria on John still lingers!

All credit, then, to a modern hero who for the last year or two has been steadily digitising this monster work.  I wondered tonight if he might have weakened and halted: but it seems not!  Find as far as he has got here:

Why not send him an email of appreciation?  Such effort deserves all our thanks. 


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  1. Thank you. Reading, that is studying this, is due to the effort you have put into this, I hope you will continue.


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