The martyrs of Orissa

The media has been very quiet about the systematic violence against Christians in India.  The BBC, bless them, even ran articles about “Hindu-Christian violence”; although they couldn’t discover any Christian violence.  The violence is defended by some on the basis that “missionaries are causing it.”  The same appalling excuse was trotted out when the same sort of people burned an Australian missionary and his family to death as they slept in their Landrover. 

Today the Times publishes a forthright leader on the subject, “India’s shame”, which lays out the brutal facts pretty simply.

We need to pray for the modern martyrs and confessors for Christ, and for change in India.


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  1. The last months I’ve followed the situation in Orissa and counted more then 200 Christians who are killed.
    For those interested on my blog I’ve placed a “blogroll” with daily news of modern Christian martyrdom.

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