Robert Bedrosian does Eusebius’ Chronicle into English

I’ve just had a note from the excellent Robert Bedrosian.  It seems that he has translated Eusebius of Caesarea’s Chronicle book 1 directly from the Armenian into English!  It’s here.  Andrew Smith of translated it from Petermann’s Latin into English, but this is the first translation from the original langauge.  And… he’s made it public domain, so anyone can use it.

Robert has also scanned most of the Budge translation into English of Bar-Hebraeus Chronicon Syriacum (the secular history).

Robert’s site is much less well known than it deserves to be.  It’s impossible to get people to translate Classical Armenian into English, even for money (I’ve tried!).  Yet here is a great selection of primary Armenian sources, all free, all online, all of the highest historical interest.

More later when I have a chance to actually look at this!


2 thoughts on “Robert Bedrosian does Eusebius’ Chronicle into English

  1. This is truly amazing stuff. I’ll have to print it off and bind it, and then of course, read it! We are greatly indebted to Mr. Bedrosian for his work in Classical Armenian. I hope other scholars with proficiencies in different languages (Syriac, Coptic, etc) begin posting their work online as well.

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