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Am I the only person who is terribly easily led?  Someone writes to me about a project that I had put to one side, and the next thing I know I’m dusting it off and working on it again.

I’ve started doing a little more on the translation of Agapius.  Specifically I’ve scanned in the remainder of the pages for part 2.2, which takes us to the end of the manuscript, some time in the Abbassid period.  I’ve also run Finereader 9.0 over them — and goodness, isn’t that a fine piece of OCR software!  Beautiful recognition quality.

I need to get back to translating 2.2, and turning more of it into English.  Perhaps I can do some of that in the evenings this week.


4 thoughts on “Back to Agapius

  1. Hey, Roger. I can definitely relate. Sometimes I find myself reading one book because I’m actualy avoiding another. Same with projects. Of course, if it all needs doing… 😉

    But seriously, sometimes projects need to be avoided for a while. And spiritually, I sometimes feel like the Lord is behind such serendipities.

  2. I agree. All this scholarly stuff is good and all, but it doesn’t beat following Christ. I’ve had to step back the past month or so, which has been difficult for me, but I think quite healthy. We are dust and our works are no different, only by Christ’s loving embrace do we live and take our being.

  3. A very sensible comment. We can get obsessed with this stuff, which is merely dust itself.

    In the Phantom Tollbooth, one of the demons induces the travellers to engage in tasks, until they work out that they will never have life enough to finish them. Wasting your life on interesting but unimportant side-issues is so easy.

    This is what Christ rescues us from; if we allow him to!

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