Visiting Luxor in December

This morning it was -0.5 C, and I had to scrape the weather off my car before going to work.  But I shall be off to Luxor in Egypt in a week or two, where the temperature today is 24 C in the shade.   Luxor (from al-Uqsa, “the palaces”) is an Egyptian village with a lot of hotels built on the ruins of ancient Thebes of the Hundred Gates, and across the river from the Valley of the Kings.

The 25% collapse in the value of the pound is not great news for me, and I was looking for Egyptian currency online when I came across a non-commercial site on visiting Luxor.  Luxor Travel Tips appears to be a gem. 

Since I went to Luxor last year, I was able to verify what they said about the layout of the airport on arrival, and what you have to do in what order.  It was bang on.  Recommended.


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