Manuscripts online from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

One of the Cambridge colleges has put its manuscripts online; or rather, has allowed an American university to do it for them.  Thanks to the catalogue in the last item, I find that the Parker library at CCC is online here.

The website is a bit useless.  What you want is a list of manuscripts and a bunch of PDF’s to download.  What you get is one of these airy-fairy-force-the-user-to-do-a-junk-registration, and then badly categorised materials – no search by author, as far as I could see.  The most useful access seems to be the browse by title.  This gives a single page, from which the alert can pick out the stuff they want.  The actual stuff underneath that, for each manuscript, seems normal, if fussy. 

But I can’t avoid saying this: how these people love to obtrude themselves between the user and the actual page images!  You have to click repeatedly to get an image of  a page large enough to read; then the same for the next page, etc.  Come on, guys; think of the user for once!

Most of the collection is medieval, lots of it concerned with Old English, some of it stuff by Parker himself.  But there’s a copy of part of Orosius there, some stuff by Isidore of Seville, Augustine, Jerome on Ecclesiastes, a sermon by Chrysostom, some Bede, Nennius, Origen on Numbers, letters of Symmachus, and bits of Sulpicius Severus.

Great to have it online, anyway.


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  1. Working on the iconography of the myth of the phoenix in mediaeval times, I am looking for an illumination of the MS CCCC 53, fol. 200b : the phoenix in its egg of spice.

    Best regards, F. Lecocq, Maître de Conférences, Université de Caen

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