Abu Al-Majdalus, “Commentary on the Nicene Creed” – now online

Some months ago I obtained images of two manuscripts from the Oriental Library at St. Joseph University in Beirut, containing a 15th century and 18th century text of the Commentary on the Nicene Creed of the 10th century Arabic Christian writer, al-Majdalus.  I then commissioned Samuel Noble to transcribe and translate this work into English.

The transcription and translation are now online, and may be downloaded in Word format from here.  I place them both in the public domain — do whatever you like with them.  At the weekend I will reformat them into HTML and place that in my collection of additional Fathers.

An article here by Dr. Khalil Samir gives background info on the text.  My own interest was in the citations of Greek writers which it contains, although it does not contain one of Zoroaster, as I had hoped.

PS: Nick Norelli has created a PDF with the two in parallel columns.  It’s here.


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