Two maps of ancient Antioch

Whenever I read a fantasy novel, I love to see a map.  Likewise I love to see maps of ancient cities.  In a way, the latter are like the former, except that they once actually existed.  Imagine entering the city, and walking along the main street!

Chris Ecclestone has posted two maps of ancient Antioch here.  Somehow this makes his excellent Antioch site much clearer.  I hope that he will make  a permanent link to them from the top of his site.

I notice outside the walls the shrine of St. Babylas, which caused Julian the Apostate so much upset when he tried to restore the oracle at Daphne.


3 thoughts on “Two maps of ancient Antioch

  1. Could I ask you to specify where you see the martyrion of Babylas on the map. I know that it is supposed to have been on the Christian cemeraty (where the barracks are today), but I cannot find the martyrion on the map.

    Jørgen Christensen-Ernst
    Antiochia ad Orontem

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