In copyright books for free, more on Ethos

Ohio State University Press have started making full texts of some of their books available online as PDF’s.  They’ve realised that they’re not making money on these, and decided to get on with the business of disseminating knowledge instead.  My heroes!  The list is here.  Thanks to Christopher Ecclestone for the tip! 

Titles include Gregory, Timothy E.: Vox Populi: Violence and Popular Involvement in the Religious Controversies of the Fifth Century A.D.   Lots of stuff on Ephesus and Chalcedon, Cyril and Nestorius. 

But the pick of the lot is the English translation of all the works of Fulgentius Mythographicus by L. G. Whitbread!  This is a wonderful find.  Get your copy of this 5th century Roman living in Vandal Africa now!

Moving on, books tend to come to me in groups or not at all.  Today I got an email from the Ethos service.  I blogged on this a couple of months ago.  Basically you can order a PDF for free of a UK dissertation, and they will scan it and upload it.  I ordered a couple and waited; and today they arrived.  This service is going to be a howling success.  It will quickly get all the important UK dissertations online.


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